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Application: Our products are widely used in such industries as petrochemical, engineering machinery, ship-building, metallurgy & mine machinery, power station equipment, environmental protection equipment, water treatment, etc.

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Size 1/2″-60″(DN12-DN1500)
Rating 150#,300#,400#,600#,900#,1500#,2500#
Standard ANSI/ASMEB16.5, B16.47, B16.36, B16.48.BS4504, BS3293, MSSSP44, AWWA, EN1092-1, DIN, JIS2220, GB T9112-9124, GB/T 20592-2009, SH406, JB/T, GB/T 20615-2009, GB/T 2506-2005, JB/T 4703-2000
Certificate ABS; TUV; TS; CCS

The blind flange's major function is totally to separate the production medium. Which preventing the shut-off valve close not tightly, then affecting production, and even causing accidents.

At the location where is requires isolation should place the blind flange, such as at the equipment nozzle. Between the front and rear of the shut-off valve or between the two flanges, it is often recommend to use a figure 8 blind flange (figure-8 blank); For single-use parts such as pressing and purging usually use common round blind flange.

Manufacturing Types and Costs
Generally has four types: Forging, casting and forging, medium plate cutting, casting, the price of forging products is the highest, the middle plate is the second, casting and forging is the lowest and casting is the worst process when compared with others.
The best quality is forging and medium plate, casting and forging is a bit worse.

Why choose us?
1. 10 years focus on flange
2. 15 days on time delivery
3. 24 hours on line service
4. High quality of stainless steel flange
5. Have own forging factory
We have own forging factory, has advanced technical equipment and testing equipment,4/T,1.75T,1/T,0.75/T air hammer, automatic temperature controlled forging furnace, heat treatment furnace, imported CNC lathe, horizontal band sawing machine.

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